The ‘FICHUA PAZIA’ campaign under the banner of the project SAFER WORK SPACES IN THE CREATIVE SECTOR is a program in collaboration with FORUMCIV, which seeks to examine the work environment of creatives such as actors, filmmakers, musicians, crew, dancers, models and so many other professionals actively earning from the creative industry. It additionally highlights the need to create a more tenable and safer work environment for Kenyan creatives.


While the short term goal of the project is to raise the level of awareness and understanding of the nature of sexual harassment and exploitation in the workplace, the long term goal is to record a receding number of sexual harassment & explotation cases within workspaces in the creative industry, develop sustainable mechanisms for reporting while seeking recourse & to create an environment which does not tolerate sexual harassment & is deemed safe for all creatives. The target beneficiaries we have identified are women and men who practise their craft within the creative industry, who are actively involved in the creative sector, business owners within the creative sector i.e. production companies, theatre groups, talent agencies & technical crews. Multiple stories and concerns raised by both women and men who are practitioners in the creative sector have certainly influenced this project in a powerful way. There’s an urgent need for a sexual harassment policy which can only be effected once the industry leaders and duty bearers have a better understanding of what’s at stake. Additionally, there is strong evidence that participating in a safe work environment is good for mental, physical health and wellbeing. Other benefits include: greater productivity, higher performance, increased job satisfaction, greater work participation, increased social inclusion and lower absenteeism rates

Objectives of this project are as follows: 

  • To examine how gendered power relations within the creative sector have played a major role in emboldening abusers. We will look at how lack of proper accountability systems has impacted these work spaces.

  • To explore how ownership impacts both men and women. We will undertake research to determine how fewer leadership and ownership opportunities affect practitioners within the creative industry and unpack why largely women lack agency in these spaces & why they have little autonomy when it comes to employment options. 

  • To interrogate what Safer Workplaces Within the Creative Industry means to both men and women within the creative sector.


This program will strengthen collaborations with like minded entities/stakeholders based on the expertise, capacity and skills set that can be harnessed between organizations.