WiBO Culture Artcellerator (CBO) is a think-and-do tank that pursues creative solutions for our evolving world & is based within Nairobi County. We pride ourselves in bringing together a borderless community of exceptionally talented artists, managers and cultural activists (from diverse backgrounds and abilities), whilst applying design thinking in order to develop tailor made interventions for the creative sector. (https://wiboculture.org/)


The Project

As part of our forthcoming project, WiBO Culture Artcellerator seeks to engage the services of a qualified candidate to deliver a cost effective training course and develop a toolkit to address sexual harassment within the workplace in a bid to prevent unethical behavior.



At least 3 years’ professional experience in providing training and must have provided at least one training related to the above subject.

Must be familiar with the requirements of the sexual harassment laws and policies of the republic of Kenya and that of UN’s ST/SGB/2003/13 and ST/SGB/2008/5 guidelines.


The training content should include the following:

  1. Overall introduction to what constitutes sexual harassment within the workplace
  2. Available legal remedies or course of action in the event of sexual harassment
  3. Establish what a hostile environment is and conducts that may create a hostile workplace environment
  4. Tackle other sexual harassment issues


In order to apply, potential candidates must present the following:


The consultant will provide the following deliverables:

  1. Develop training agenda and sexual harassment toolkit specific to the needs of the Kenyan Creative sector.
  2. Deliver training materials (i.e. reading materials, PowerPoint slides, any other handouts to be used).
  3. Deliver expert advice as part of a panel which will be recorded for a podcast and vlog on the same subject matter.


The potential candidates are required to submit the following as part of their application:

  1. Cover Letter, addressing the requirements above & why they fit the position.
  2. A resume with detailed list of qualifications
  3. Basic Course Outline, including course content and methodology
  4. At least 3 strong references from clients.
  5. Knowledge of legal material is highly recommended and or, a law degree from a notable institution.


*Kindly note: Applications will be reviewed based on the above requirements and eligibility criteria. ONLY successful candidates will be contacted. WiBO Culture Artcellerator is an equal opportunity employer.


Send your application to:

info@wiboculture.org cc kamati@wiboculture.org, wiboculture@gmail.com


Deadline: 27th of February 6:00 pm.


For queries, kindly contact:

WiBO Office : 0785850185

Valentine : 0725816126