Design Thinker// Afro Futurist//Pan-African Teacher//

Social Engineer// Entrepreneur// Innovator// Connector//

Tendwa’s direction of music can be described as mainly “Afrolectic” with an element of experimentation with the diversity of percussion instruments from Africa. His groovy performance sets are largely full of afrogoodness vibes ranging from Afrohouse with funk, pop and jazz fusions.
Tendwa AKA ‘Mwalimu’ is currently working with various artists to discover, rework, and publish “Bengatronics,” the future sound of Benga. Through this project, Mwl. Gregg Tendwa seeks to identify and nurture a genre that defines the intersection between Benga and Electronic Music today from Africa to the worldover.

“The art of future grooves today begins with the inspiration that we should take sounds of africa to the world.”

February 9, 2019