Makowade Gabriel as he is referred to though, His official names are OWADE GABRIEL OCHIENG, is A creative artist Based at the Kenya national theatre. He is an Advocate of the High court of kenya and a copyright Law enthusiast.

To date he has been the creative director of a lot of works some of them listed below but the most notable of all is his aspirations of development and research on a new body of knowledge; Psycho-Sociology of visual and performing arts. This is a novel field that endeavors in development of Art works from deep philosophical, socio-cultural and psychological analysis with an aim of re-socializing the consumers to a certain view point while still retaining a state where they are of high artistic quality, memorable, influential, unique and palatable to that audience.

Makowade is currently the Chairman of WIBO culture Board and Also the chief Legal advisor Concentrating on intellectual property Law. He gives maximum attention on legal matters that relate to creatives i.e. Effective Copyright Administration, contracts, Policy, Negotiations and Publishing Services.