What is WiBO Culture?

WiBO stands for Without Borders, a call to think outside the box and create diverse solutions for the social problems of our time. WIBO Culture addresses championing for community development through arts, culture, technology and media. At WiBO Culture, we utilize design thinking, social innovation, and enterprise development models to break barriers. We specialize in:
a) innovation and intellectual property management,
b) enterprise development in the creative sector,
c) organisational development and governance,
d) access to markets and
e) social security/welfare for artists and creative entrepreneurs.


To identify, incubate and accelerate the socioeconomic potential of creative solutions for the sustainable development of our community of artists and creative entrepreneurs.


Sustainable livelihoods for creative entrepreneurs in Kenya


WiBO Culture Artcellerator is registered in Kenya, with the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services, on 11 December 2016; (WD/CBO/5/4/2015/1845).